May 012012

As a teacher, sometimes it’s tempting to simply tell children the answer to a question rather than taking the time to guide them through their own exploration.  When you have the time, it’s worth the investment to watch the joy that comes with a new discovery.  

I recently overheard two four year olds, a boy and girl, talking about favorite colors:

B: I’ll do it purple because I know you like purple and pink.  They’re your favorite colors.

G: I’ll do it red because you like red.  (beat) I don’t like red at all.

I could see B getting ready to take offense.

Me: I’m surprised you don’t like red.  It’s kinda’ like pink and purple.

G: What?

Me: Red is like pink.

G: Noooo.

Me: Do you know what happens when you mix red and white?

G: No, what?

We found some paint and she tested the red on the paper, then I squirted a generous amount of white in the cup and she mixed it with her brush.  

G: Wow!  Look at that pretty color!

She swirled it around, creating a pig colored cloud on the paper.

Me: What would you call that color?

G: Pink

Me: So red plus white makes….

G: Pink!

Teachable Moment seized.  


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