Mar 192013

She froze – ears at attention, tail on guard.  I followed her gaze and understood immediately.  She looked at me questioningly and then back across the road.  The beasts on the other side were obviously alert to her presence.  They stood placidly chewing yet somehow taut and ready to spring into action.

She shied away from their massive forms and began to whimper just slightly. Straining at her lead, she backed away while managing to advance down the trail.  Her head pivoted as her eyes bounced from theirs to mine trying to assess the level of danger.

I named her fear and placed my hand reassuringly on her head and that’s when it happened.  Seemingly without cause or warning one of them began to run.  The others joined in, herding us along as they paralleled our path.

We made halting progress as she continued to keep one eye on the stampede and one eye on me, waiting for permission to bolt for home.

Just then each creature came up against the barbed wire at the edge of the pasture, her adrenaline slowed to a trickle and she returned to her easy gait: eyes on the path ahead, nose in the air ready for the next great adventure.

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Mar 092013

Imagine you are a fish.

The fins, the scales, the bulgy eyes.



Spending your life in water. Gliding through plants and rocks. Turning around to glide back through the same plants and rocks again and again and again.




You’re inside a fish tank. What’s in it?  Plastic plants or real ones? Is there a treasure chest or a ceramic castle you can swim through?

What size is your tank? Is it one of those round little fish bowls or is it a massive tank filled with gallons of water?

Now, step back for a moment.

You are not a fish.  

There are no glass walls that allow you to see out, but keep you in.

There is nothing confining you or defining the limits of your life.

Or is there?

What limits have you put on yourself? What limits have you allowed others to put on your life?Who told you that you couldn’t go there or do that? Who did you allow to put you in a fish tank?

You are not a fish.

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