Jul 292012

I’ve been back in the classroom for the last few weeks and, although I absolutely love it, it uses up all my words for the day.  By the time I get home, I have nothing left to say.  My vocabulary is depleted.  

But life doesn’t stop and I’ve had plenty of Teachable Moments both in and out of the classroom so I’m scrambling to catch them before they leave my consciousness completely.  I know: write them down.  

So here’s my Teachable Moment for today:  I will never be an Olympic Athlete.


No, really.  I actually had this thought as I watched the Olympic coverage this weekend: I am not an athlete.

I am too old to become an Olympic-class athlete.  

I will never be an Olympic Athlete.

Now, what I might be is one of those Olympic volunteers.  You know, one of the army of “Games Makers” who do essential tasks like clean the floor in a perfect pattern before the volleyball match or tell the atheletes from Senegal where to buy a camera.  That’s the kind of job I could have in the Olympics.

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