Jun 232012

The past two weeks have been jam packed with activity for our family.  There have been many endings and beginnings and very little time to stop and reflect.  That means almost no time to write.


Even when I did have time to write, I didn’t know where to start.  I feel like we’ve undergone some gigantic shift and what comes next is more momentous than what’s gone before.  We’re leaving elementary school behind, I have a 7th grader, Freshman and Senior now.


We are completly immersed in the world of hormones, Freshman Football, college visits, SATs, youth group outings, driver’s training, dating, eye rolls, part time jobs, acne, growth spurts, and more hormones.

The weighty topics we discuss are now somehow weightier.  

When we stand together, we feel like 5 people with at least one foot each in the adult world.  There’s no going back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about what’s ahead.  I love seeing my kids step out into the unknown and carve their own paths without me holding their hands.  They are each entirely unique, yet so alike.  And it’s not just my kids who have a bright future: being able to have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband is beginning to sound like an attainable goal.  

As I step into uncharted territory I’m reminded that every day is new, whether we recognize it or not.  Here’s to exciting things ahead and all the moments that led to this point!

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