Jun 092012


My dog and I surprised a wild rabbit this morning on our pre-dawn walk.  As we got close to a small flower bed, I saw a white cotton ball go bounding into the street






rabbit tail



































As the bunny rocketed down the hill towards ‘safety’ the phrase “quick as a bunny” came to mind.  That creature sensed danger,

choose an escape angle and went for it with lightning speed.

























While I searched the morning grey for another glimpse of the white tail, I thought about the power of experience.  Before this morning, the phrase “Quick as a Bunny” had a vague, foggy place in my lexicon.  After this encounter, I have a vivid visual to tie to it.

How important then is it to provide actual experiences for our children rather than simply ‘educating’ them?  A simple 30 second encounter this morning informed my understanding in a way that 30 minutes of talking about rabbits never could.  Even reading about them wouldn’t bring this level of comprehension. (Gasp!)   I admit it, the knowledge we get from the spoken or written word is qualitatively different from the knowledge we get from experience.  In a perfect world, the three tangle together creating a strong web of knowing.  

What new things will you experience this weekend?

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