Jun 012012

As we get to the end of the school year, teachers get tired.  We do.  

The kids think they know it all.  Everything is predictable and “boring”.  The kids get excited because they can sense the end is near and the teachers are drained.

It’s a perfect time to “Change One Thing.”

Sometimes that’s all it takes to right the ship.

Add water to the sandbox.  Add glitter to the playdough.  Stick googly eyes on the easel painting paper.  Swap scrapbooking scissors for the regular ones.  Have circle time in the middle of the basketball court.  

They’re all simple ideas, but each bring their own brand of magic to the classroom.  

Sad EggHappy Egg

Now here’s the real trick: it works at home too!

Do homework outside.  Picnic in the living room.  Mop the kitchen floor with your feet in old socks.  Set the table with the good dishes.  Add bubbles to the bathtub.  Sleep backwards in your bed.  Buy fresh flowers for yourself.  

What one thing could you change today to shake things up




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