May 152012

It’s amazing how little time I spend in silence.silent trees

I know, it’s not really silent there are cars going by and an occasional bird chirping, but it’s close enough. Technically, the silence is also being disturbed by the scratching of my pencil on this paper.  The loudest sounds I can hear right now are inside my head.  My thoughts are hurling themselves around, trying to get out somehow.

I wonder what they would be doing if I’d remembered to charge my ipod?

Would the beat have distracted them or would the lyrics have sent them off on a tangent?  Would that have been worse than what’s happening now? Or better? Or just…different?

What I do know is that if I’m going to commit to this blogging thing, and I am,  I’m going to be spending a lot more time trying to capture those thoughts.  If silence sends them sliding out onto the paper – Bring It On!

Now, because I live in a two bedroom apartment with four other people and a dog, I may need to get creative so let’s admit up front that I wouldn’t be the first mom who locked herself in the bathroom for some peace and quiet.  

Creativity doesn’t scare me.  Wondering what happened to all those thoughts I didn’t pay attention to does.

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