Apr 222012

 Here it is. My blog.  A place to share my insights and thoughts on the whats and whys of life.   I blame Facebook.  It awakened my inner writer.  Mentally framing my experiences into Facebook posts was the first symptom that something was happening.   And then there was the collusion of my inner reader.  Everytime I read something great, I wanted to write something great.  

Writers write, right?  So I’ve started writing – whenever I get the urge – about whatever inspires me.   Having a purpose to write has made me more aware of the little things that happen each day.  My posts will be snapshots from life both inside and outside the classroom and so I’ve entitled the blog “Teachable Moments”.    

According to About.com, a teachable moment is “not something that you can plan for; rather, it is a fleeting opportunity that must be sensed and seized. Often it will require a brief digression that temporarily sidetracks the original plan…Taking this tangent is worthwhile.”


And so it begins- the brief digressions and occasional tangents. Thanks for reading!

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